Mather Aerospace Modelers, Inc

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Who we are


RC flying at it's bestOur Club is located in Sacramento, California at the Mather Regional park (formerly known as Mather AFB). We have over 100 members flying a wide variety of planes from electric foam planes to gasoline 40% giant scale planes. We welcome beginners and provide training for new members.

Mather Aerospace Modelers, Inc is a nonprofit club that has over 100 members that fly radio controlled models at Mather Field. This organization is a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), a national group with over 2500 Chapters.

Our Vision is to provide a wholesome, safe, and fun environment for people of all ages to participate or observe the beauty and skill of model flight. Mather Aerospace Modelers has been flying for over 35 years at Mather Field. Several of our members are retired military personnel that flew at Mather when the base was still actively used by the Air Force. There are several father and son teams that fly and even two families with three generations flying in our club. The knowledge learned in building, preparing and flying these models has led some of our younger fliers to join the military and even go to the Air Force Academy. Our very strong emphasis on safety not only benefits our club, but serves as a valuable training tool for safety in handling or operating any motor driven device.

Mather Aerospace Modelers seeks to create an environment to encourage and nurture individuals, families and friends to participate as spectators or participants in the sport of radio controlled model aviation. Capitalizing on the younger generation of boys and girls that are skilled in computer usage and video games, we will strive to channel their interests into learning about aeronautics, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, and the proper construction, preflight check, control and safe operation of devices that contain power sources such as gasoline engines and electric motors. This should lead to some of these individuals pursuing a productive career in civilian or military fields that will capitalize on these acquired skills and interests. We further want to maintain and encourage older people who have had careers in the fields described to serve as mentors, instructors, and demonstration pilots for newcomers to this sport.

For the last thirteen years our club has achieved the distinction of a Gold Leader club due to our extensive community involvement in such activities as mall shows that display our models and allow individuals to fly models on a computer simulator, open field days where anyone can fly a model on a buddy box assisted by an experienced pilot, adopt a school programs, adopt a road programs, etc.