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Cool websites
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Cool places on the web. You may find a lot of good information here. If you know other good site or want to report a "broken link" please contact our Webmaster.

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1 Planebender Products
Dave Sullivan (AKA Planebender) has been "building" and flying RC planes for over 25 years. He is a sponsored pilot with several companies. The difference is truly in the details that Dave puts into each and every plane. Anyone can slap an ARF together. Planebender Building Service does not slap anything together. Each plane is given his full attention and energy rendering a true show plane as the end result. The final product is a meticulous plane perfectly balanced and ready for the first turn of the prop.
2 RC-CAM model video and projects
The original emphasis that site was to share Tom's experiences with a low cost wireless video camera that could be carried by a R/C model aircraft. He has since updated the site's scope and now share construction articles to interesting video and R/C projects.
3 RysiuM private website
This place is dedicated to RysiuM's passion - flying airplanes. You will find there all kind of materials related to building and flying radio controlled model airplanes as well as related to full scale general aviation.
4 ArmSafe SAFETY Product
Doug Schumacher sent us this link: "I am a RC club member from the WRC Club in Laconia NH. We developed the ArmSafe System to reduce the possibility of propeller strikes. IT IS AN OLD IDEA IN A NEW PACKAGE. The product was developed out of necessity for a small, light, and high amp arming system. The product has gone through several iterations over the many months of development and testing, to make it as small and light as possible.
Our goal was to add another layer of safety to help keep our electric RC modelers safer."