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Instruction how to post a new ad

The following instruction explains how to use editor for posting new ad on MASM website.

Post new ad instruction image 01

Posting new ads is available only for MASM members registered on our website. If you are current MASM member and do not know your Username or Password please contact MASM office using on-line form.

After you log in to the website click on the left side menu item "Classifieds" (1) in "MASM MEMBERS" section as shown on the image below.

You will see sub-menu item "Post new ad" (2). Click on it to enter your ad.

The following form will show:

Post new ad instruction image 02 1. Enter your ad title (1). Keep it short to not clutter the listing.

2. Enter text of your ad in the box (2). For simple text formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike through, numbered or bullet type listing) use tools shown under the text box (5). To upload and insert images use "Image" button (6) below the text. If you want to split your ad into separate pages you can use "Pagebreak" (7) or "Read more" (8) buttons.

3. To save you work click on the button "Save" (3). Note, that if your article is not published i.e. available for reading by any other user, you can return to it later for further editing.

4. If you mess up the text beyond repair click on the button "Cancel" (4) to discard any changes made since the last save.

5. Section and category (9) may be filled out already or may be available for selection, then select appropriate.

6. By default the ad will be published under your real first and last name. If you want to keep your name private please enter the "Alias" name in the box provided (10). If entered, "Author Alias" will be displayed in the listing instead of your real name.

7. Enter "Start" and "Finish" publishing dates (11). Click on the icon to the right of the field to use calendar feature. Select these dates carefully especially the "Finish publishing" date. Most often you do not want to use "never" as your ad will be sitting on the website forever. If your ad expires you can always enter a new one or contact webmaster for extension.

8. The final step before "the last saving" is selecting your ad as "Published" (12).Only "Published" ads will be visible on the website. Please note that after you save the ad as "Published", you will not be able to return to it for editing. If you publish the ad by mistake, please contact webmaster.

If ad is saved as "Unpublished" you will be able to return to it for further editing but it will not be visible on the website except to the original author (i.e. you). You can recognize your "Unpublished" ads by the icon Unpublished icon next to the title of the ad in the listing. Click on that icon to edit your ad.

Contact webmaster if you have questions.

Happy posting.

Mather Aerospace Modelers, Inc.