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Girl Scout Aviation Day 2013

Girl Scout Aviation Day 2013

The Girl Scout Event went fantastic, WOW!!! This was the biggest crowd ever at our field. Final count was 257 Girl Scouts!!!

They provided breakfast and lunch and it really hit the spot.

We hit one out of the park, the organization and timing was fantastic. There where five stations to go through, twenty minutes per station and twenty three G.S. per group. There wasn't a dull moment all day and I think the members enjoyed this more than the girls. As you can see by the pictures it was a bunch of granddads and daughters. The parents where thrilled to death and had nothing but complements on the way our members related to the young ladies.

The afternoon group was a bit older and smaller, they enjoyed the more technical aspect of R.C. flying and had plenty of questions for our members. We have been ask to put this on the calender next year. I have received numerous e-mails from parents asking about hosting this type event for Boy Scouts. They don`t want the girls to out do the area boys.

I want to thank the members who showed up and gave it there all, from the simulators through flight controls, none stop buddy boxes and last but not least the fantastic airshow put on at the end of each session. So when you look at the photos (Holly Shanks and Rex Williams Jr.) know that each and every member you see gave it their all and the club owes them a Big Thank You! The letter that follows is only one of ten we received.

Also I would like to thank all who came to the Children`s Sock/Clothes Fly-Inn. It was another big one for the club and the following letter expresses they thanks. All letters from these groups and personal ones are passed on to the County.

Proud to be MASM,

Norman Poynter


Hi Norm and Rex,

I just wanted to send a heartfelt THANK YOU! to MAM for hosting our Girl Scouts Aviation Day event. It was really well received and the evaluations were excellent. This is the exact type of programs our girls want and I felt so lucky to be able to have REAL role models there for the girls to look up to and learn from. Favorite part of the experience was either the buddy box or the flight simulators on EVERY evaluation. You are awesome!!! Hope to work together in the future. I would like to bring a basket of cookies to the Hauf Brau for your next meeting. Will that be Friday June 7th? I will drop off the basket at the restaurant earlier in the day.


Sunny Kenngott


Here are the photos taken by Holly Shanks. (click on the thumbnails below to see full size pictures)


Here are the photos taken by Rex Williams Jr.. (click on the thumbnails below to see full size pictures)