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Home Events and fun stuff Videos Richard M. Tucano 60 with variable pitch prop

Richard M. Tucano 60 with variable pitch prop

This video was taken May 20, 2011 at MASM flying field. It shows failed attempt to fly World Models Tucano 60 converted to electric power with scale 3-blade variable pitch prop. During the flight motor spins the constant rpm and the change of thrust is achieved by controlling prop pitch in flight.

What failed in that flight is despite the sufficient power delivered from the motor (about 1000W) the propeller blades did not create enough thrust needed for that plane. The flight ended with of-the-runway landing. Damages were not big (cracked engine cowling and in small cracks in balsa sheeting in the nose. Week later the airplane is fixed, and waiting for redesigned new blades.

This video video was taken by Mike McWilliams. Thank you Mike for preserving that piece of aviation history.