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Home Latest news The gate code for 2021 will be set.

The gate code for 2021 will be set.

The new gate code for 2021 will be set at the field in April 17, 2021.

Please login to the website to get the gate code for 2021 or contact MASM secretary. Keep the gate code in secret and never give it to anyone, even your fellow MASM member. Each MASM member should obtain their gate code only from the website or MASM secratary.

Remember in order to fly in 2021 you have to have valid AMA 2021 and have renewed 2021 MASM membership (including past due initiation fee if applicable).

For our safety and the safety of the MASM flying site every member must follow the rules listed below:

  1. The first MASM member arriving at the flying site will open one or both gates. The gates must be fully opened. For safety, make sure the gates are secured in the full open position so they cannot be accidentally moved.
  2. The last MASM member leaving the flying site will close and lock both gates.
  3. Before leaving the flying site, if there are any cars in the parking lot, make sure that they belong to a MASM member who knows MASM Flying Site Gate Rules and can lock the gate.
  4. Never leave a non-member alone at the field . Visitors or guests must leave the flying site before the last member leaves.

Login and read the entire Field Gate Rules here.