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FAA Guidance to Model Aircraft Operators

June 23,2014 FAA published the Press Release - FAA Offers Guidance to Model Aircraft Operators. On June 25, 2014 we (MASM) have received the following inquiry via our website:

RE: FAA Guidance, June 23, 2014 “Special Rule for Model Aircraft”

Hello MASM,

As a local member of Flight Club and active RC and FPV enthusiast, we are reaching out to all our local clubs and companions in the field of model aircraft regarding the devistating "clarification" submitted by the FAA yesterday. We're hoping to partner and join together to address this draconian designation and we'd like to work together.

If you dont mind, please advise regarding the use of FPV at your field? Is your field FPV friendly? If you have enthusiasts, or any other issues with the FAA law and would like to help, please contact us and join the fight.
Thanks for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you.


Below, here is my response to that inquiry which is in line with the position of our club in that matter:

Hi Jeff,

I'm a member of MASM and AMA since 2001. I'm flying all kind of model airplanes excluding turbine powered jets and FPV (First-Pilot View). I also carry a Private Pilot License with Instrument rating and I actively fly small GA planes (full scale) for pleasure. From these facts you may understand my position on the FAA publication.

I don't see any "devastation" or "draconian designation" in FAA publication. Comparing it to current AMA Safety regulations there are two new limitations imposed by FAA on model flying:

1. It cannot be commercial, what simply says, you can't take money for your service. I don't believe it is in any way related to sponsored flying (like many modelers currently do), but rater it is about flying as a service, for example taking aerial photos or videos, advertising, transporting products etc. That limitation does not affect any modeler for whom the flying is a hobby.

We need to understand that commercial flying brings more risk than hobby flying. I am not talking about the quality and reliability of the equipment or training and experience. The commercial flying adds a "human factor" to the equation. Commercially flying pilot has additional stress of "commitment" to get the job done and he/she is more inclined to take extra risk when the conditions are less than perfect. Additionally commercial flying is usually performed over the populated area and that brings additional risk in case something goes wrong. This is why in the wold of "full scale pilots" there is a distinction between "commercial license" and "private license".

2. Contact the airport or control tower when flying within 5 miles of the airport. This was never in AMA regulations or recommendations. I don't see this to be practical to call the tower every time the flying field is active. It may be practical if the field is holding a special event that would result unusual activity (amount of flying, flying higher that 400 ft etc.). It should be enough the notify the Tower about the field location and let the "Tower" decide if they want to have a call every time someone is going to take off.

Regarding the flying FPV AMA published it's regulations years ago. Especially regarding flying withing LOS (Line Of Sight). This is the only way we can assure that the model "does not interfere with and gives way to any manned aircraft". The first and primary rule in flying is "see and avoid". When this is impossible (for example because of IMC) then the flying is coordinated by ATC. Neither of these two applies to flying FPV beyond LOS. Being on the other side of the windscreen (flying a full scale plane) I don't want to take a risk of colliding with other "out of control" plane, especially the one I can't see. Just a "bird strike" can be deadly but even birds try to get out of the way. Hitting a model plane is like taking a shrapnel - mostly deadly experience.

The rest of the text follows all AMA Safety rules, so I don't see anything new here.

Mather Aerospace Modelers is AMA chartered club. Our flying field is located 2.5 miles from the runway of Mather Airport (KMHR) just bellow the traffic pattern for runway 4R/22L. Traffic patter altitude at KMHR is 1000ft AGL what means at our location the full scale planes may fly relatively low altitude. We have a mutual agreement with Mather Tower that we do not need to notify tower personnel every time we fly. They are aware of our field location and our frequent activities.

Flying model airplanes at MASM field is limited to maximum altitude 400ft. When a full scale plane is spotted and seen to arrive near our field at low altitude (near pattern altitude), model airplane must land or fly as close to the ground as practical.

Our field is "friendly" to all kind of model flying with the exception of turbine powered jets in the summer time because of the fire hazard. All pilots must adhere to AMA Safety rules and MASM field regulations (published on our website). That also means pilots flying FPV must also fly within LOS and must utilize a spotter.



Fun Fly & Swap Meet at HDRCC April 12-13, 2014

Fun Fly & Swap Meet April 12-13, 2014
at High Desert Radio Control Club

Tiger Field Airport Fernley, Nevada,
3 miles south of town on hwy 50

Saturday, April 12, 8 a.m. until late night
- Open Flying
- Swap Meet
- Bar-B-Q
- Raffle
- Spot Landing Contest
- Night Flying
- Static Displays
- Free dry camping

Sunday, April 13, 8 a.m. until midday
- Open Flying

Pilot fee $5.00

Open to the public

AMA required for pilots
Free dry camping
Sellers bring tables (table setup fee $5.00)
Event details at

Click here to download the official flyer.

3rd Annual Warbirds Over Roseville June 14, 2014

3rd Annual Warbirds Over Roseville is June 14, 2014.

AMOS Flying Field – East Catlett & Fiddyment Rd, Lincoln, CA

7:00 am.......................................................................Gates Open
8:00 am.......................................................................Registration
8:30 am.......................................................................Pilots Meeting
9:00 am.......................................................................Flying

Pilot fee $15.00 includes one meal and raffle ticket
(All skill levels welcome)

Any Size Warbird
(Scale/Semi-Scale Allowed, All Propulsions)

World War I thru Current - WARBIRD Colors ONLY

RV Parking (no hookups) Available by reservation only
BBQ Raffle (Must Be Present)
Awards for Best Show in Each Class (WWI, WWII, Jets); Best Cockpit; Best Twin Engine


Website or Mike Haston @ (916) 801-1362

Click here to download the official flyer.


New gate code will be set February 20, 2014

The new gate code for 2014 will be set at the field in February 20, 2014. 

By then you should have received the new gate code by email.  If not, please login to the website and read gate code for 2014 or contact on of MASM officers. 

Remember in order to fly in 2014 you have to have valid AMA 2014.

For our safety and the safety of the MASM flying site every member must follow the rules listed below:

  1. The first MASM or SVRW member arriving at the flying site will open one or both gates. The gates must be fully opened. For safety, make sure the gates are secured in the full open position so they cannot be accidentally moved.
  2. The last MASM or SVRW member leaving the flying site will close and lock both gates.
  3. Before leaving the flying site, if there are any cars in the parking lot, make sure that they belong to a MASM or SVRW member who knows MASM Flying Site Gate Rules.
  4. Never leave a non-member alone at the field. Visitors or guests must leave the flying site before the last member leaves.

Login and read the entire Field Gate Rules here.


Merwin Ranch Memorial Fun Fly April 5 2014

Merwin Ranch Memorial Fun Fly April 05-06 2014


Merwin Ranch Memorial Fun Fly is April 05-06 2014 at MASM Flying Field. 

Pilot Fee $25.00
Food Provided by J.R`s Texas Bar~B~Que
 Mesquite Smoked Brisket and Chicken
 (Additional Dinner Ticket $10.00)
 Lunch will be available Saturday and Sunday for purchase for $8.00.

 Open to all flyers (AMA required):

 Must have current AMA
 All planes & helicopters, turbines welcome
 Night Flying Friday & Saturday night
 After 5:00 pm open flying for registered plots
 RV camping included (First Come First Serve)
 Newly extended 475’ runway
 Pilot Raffle for all: Sunday Drawing

CD's: Norman Poynter and Keith Fick.  Contact phone numbers in the official flyer.

MASM field is located in Sacramento County, California just north of the intersection of Eagles Nest Rd. and Kiefer Blvd. on the former Mather Air Force Base (about one mile south of Mather Golf Course). Click here for information and location of Mather Aerospace Modelers Flying Field.


Toys for Tots December 7, 2013 at MASM field 9:00am to 2:00pm

We meet again at MASM flying field Saturday, December 7, 2012 with Toys for Tots. Bring a unwrapped two toys (one for girl and one for boy) between 9am and 2pm with you and fly your plane. If weather does not cooperate and does not permit, flying bring a toy anyway. Rex Williams will be there rain or shine from 9am until 2pm collecting toys which will be donated as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community.

Contact Rex Williams Jr if you have questions ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Click here to download the official MASM 2013 Toys for Tots flyer.

Click here for more information about the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.


Thanksgiving Food Drive Fun Fly is back

Support the “Canned Food Drive”.

Thanksgiving Food Drive Fun Fly is back.  The date is Saturday, October 19th 2013 from 10 a.m. to dark.  Just bring 4 cans of food and you will receive a full day of fun flying, great socializing, and free lunch for participants and one guest.  Collected food will be donated to the Rancho Cordova food locker. 

All Clubs are Welcome. AMA Required.

Our field is located in Sacramento County, near the intersection of Eagles Nest Rd. and Kiefer Blvd. on the former Mather Air Force Base (about one mile south of Mather Golf Course). Note: If the unpaved north part of Eagles Nest Rd is in the bad shape we recommend arriving from the south, taking Kiefer Blvd, exiting west of Sunrise Blvd or north of Jackson Hwy. Click here for information and location of Mather Aerospace Modelers Flying Field.

Contact C.D. Norm Poynter if you have questions. Click here to download the official Thanksgiving Food Drive Fun Fly flyer.


Merwin Ranch Memorial Fun Fly July 19-21 2013

Merwin Ranch Memorial Fun Fly July 19-21 2013


Merwin Ranch Memorial Fun Fly is July 19-21 2013 at MASM Flying Field. 

Pilot Fee $20.00 includes BBQ Dinner Saturday Night (Additional BBQ Tickets $5.00), Lunch will be made available Saturday.


Only Large Scale flying:

 Must have current AMA
 Must have 72” wing span or larger
 Night Flying Friday & Saturday night
 After 5:00 pm open flying for registered plots
 RV camping allowed (first come basis)
 Newly extended 475’ runway

CD's: Dave Sullivan and Keith Fick.  Contact phone numbers in the official flyer.


Letter from AMOS modelers club

Dear Mather Aerospace Modelers, Inc;

I am Basil Yousif Treasurer of the AMOS modelers club in the Lincoln area near the Thunder Valley Casino. We are having a Warbirds Event on June 8 and 9th.

Event Details:
 1st Annual AMOS Warbirds Event
 Saturday June 8 & Sunday June 8th
 AMOS flying field - East Catlett & Fiddyment Rd. Lincoln, CA
 see for more field information
 550 foot runway,Wide Open unobstructed flying field!!

 Model  Airplane Warbirds of All propulsions World War 1 thru Current welcome
 All levels of Planes and flyers welcome. "Come and enjoy"

   High end Scale planes like Turbine Jets fly alone.
   Pilot Fee $5
   Lunch 12:00PM and Dinner 5:00PM- BBQ - $5 per meal

 Raffle prizes - Fiberglass Aero L-39 Albatross 1200mm RC Jet Two - OrangeRx R710 Spektrum DSM2 Compatible receivers
 RV parking -Free and On site

  Registration between 8:00-9:00Am


 Basil Yousif


Armed Forces Day 2013 May 18 2013

2013 MASM Armed Forces Day


My 18, 2013 2013 Armed Forces Day is at Aerospace Museum of California (at former McClellan AFB). 

Members helping with the event. Gate open at 8 am to setup. Event hours 10 am until 5 pm.


Download the official flyer.

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