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Edward Myers pictures

Ed Myers fleet bipe.  Boy...the camera really does make me look fatter. ha!!  Anyway,the pictures of the fleet bipe in the bones too.


First the float test to determine how the "Not For Sale" would be in the water.  Then on the Camp Far West Lake Fly-in. The other is Jim's plane at Camp Far West Lake Fly-in.


The Castle Fly-in.  Jim, his wife and Ed's wife Janice waiting with breathless anticipation to see some of the flying at the Castle Fly-in.  There is also the cutest, sweetest guard dog you'll ever find.


The Tuesday Gang having fun. 


Romio and i adjusting engine on his plane before he recovered it in purple last winter time frame.  Romio makes a well worn plane look new.  Romio recovered a well worn bird in prettier colors...the blue tape is cause the canopy glue wasn't set up all the way.


Jims' Saturday Swap Meet.