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Home President's corner Letter from President March 19 2012

Letter from President March 19 2012

MASM PresidentWell gentlemen the flying season is well up and running.  We have had three meetings, although attendance is down, they have been positive.  We will send out monthly reminders in the future to all members in and effort to bring the monthly numbers up. 

Also the monthly minutes will be posted on our website for those who are unable to attend. This should encourage feed back via e-mail or comments at the next meeting.

The field is almost complete, all the lofty goal have been accomplished, not bad for a club who was flying on a day to day philosophy. The shade structures are the final project, when time comes step up and be a part of the last and final project.

We have a number of events scheduled for the year (check the web site) but we need more! Those of you with and idea should throw it out there, you never know! great minds think alike.

I`ve been approached about starting up the monthly raffle again. With the improvements on the site money is a concern "maybe a small one".

We have only had one incident of vandalism, the barbecue/trash fire. This should be a reminder to all  LOCK THE GATE WHEN YOU LEAVE.

The County and Department of Transportation have given their O.K. to approach Code Enforcement with the street light and camera idea. I spoke with them, they do have cameras and I was reminded of the cost to them, $4,000 each. Keep your fingers crossed!!!! Until then Mr. Paul Munoz will be our contact 916 874-8742. He assures me any vehicle tag number we get will result in a healthy fine for violator and Waste Managements quick response to clean up the mess.

REMINDER!!! The Girl Scott 100th Year Anniversary at Cal Expo is near, We need members to volunteer time, planes and simulator's. This is major exposure for M.A.S.M., thousands of people, potential new members. Events of this nature can help secure the clubs position.

As President I would like to take time to thank all the Club Officers for their time and efforts, also members who have stepped up and made improvements and continue to keep Gene Hughes Field a premier flying site.  

Thank You,  

Norman Poynter