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Home President's corner Letter from President June 22 2012

Letter from President June 22 2012

Well Gentlemen,  And I use the term loosely!!!!.

There`s been a change of plans with the fence on the South end.  At this point we are cut off with partial fence completion.  On 7-21-2012 I was informed that it will (or may) be moved to another location. Keep your fingers crossed but until you see the opening, plan on four wheeling it from the North. So lets be patient and hope for the best.    

On another note Open House is right around the corner. Last year it was July 9th. With the fence up in the air, lets look at our schedules and firm things up at next meeting.  We will still need all the great stuff we had last year. Now for the million dollar question!!!!!  Is there volunteers to run the event? Step up, go for it and make it happen.

On a personnel note, I am not the only one who smokes, lets not offend those who don't by leaving butts all over the pits. You don't do this at home! Non smokers!!!  If you see this, speak up!!!  It`s the rules!!! And from the looks of things some need a reminder.  

July meeting

We are going to have the meeting at the field again, also the Barbecue will be fired up. So bring a side dish to add to the plate, and we will have another fantastic!!!! raffle!!!!

See you at the field,