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Home President's corner Letter from President July 15, 2012

Letter from President July 15, 2012


Well we are in to the second half of the year and things are moving right along. The last two meetings have accomplished a lot, the lottery has been nice and the temp was not bad either.

First we voted to place 5 gallon water buckets out in the grass area to combat the recent fire problem, this has been done.   Thanks to Bill Kaiser and Verne Mason who headed up this project and accomplished it swiftly.   Also Ed Sutter reminded the members we voted at a previous meeting to all carry small fire extinguishers with us, $10.00 bucks at Wal-Mart is cheap insurance and it will show the County we are safety conscious.  

Second the Open House is under way, JULY 21, 2012  9:a.m. til 2:p.m.. Corey Turner and Louise Bonner are Co-C.D. on this event. After talking and reading their e-mails this promises to be one fantastic event. Show them your support and give them what they need to showcase our club. See the message from Louise Bonner who is asking for your help.

The dumping continues to be a problem as some of you noticed, I made calls to D.O.T and The County last week and the trash is gone, so clean up will be minimal before Open House.

The First Saturday Swap Meet has not caught on as we hoped, Jim Gerow has given it his all and ready to call it a day. Thanks for the effort, coffee, and donuts Jim.

In September I would like to C.D. and ALL CLUB`S FLY-IN, landing fee will be a package of children`s sock or under ware $5.00 at your favorite discount store. Proceeds donated to closest children`s clothes closet in our name.

October is wide open for some type of event, club barbecue, chilli contest you name it we will have it.

Last November we hosted the THANKSGIVING FOOD FLY-IN, landing fee was four cans of food and the turn out was great. Elk Grove Food Bank was extremely thankful, so lets try it again.  

Well that's all for now. Keep the wings up and the wheels down, see you at the field.  


Thank You,

Norman Poynter