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Home President's corner Letter from President September 10, 2013

Letter from President September 10, 2013

Hello Mather Flyer`s

The year is coming to and end fast, but you would never know it by the weather. HOT! HOT! HOT!

The meeting was a good one and several changes have been made. The Field Marshal position has been vacant; James Mason ( Jamie ) was voted in, so be on your best behavior at the field.

  1. Club Dues was increased to $100.00 a year with a 2 year cap. $15.00 Senior discount still applies.
  2. New Junior Membership, 18 years and younger $100.00 / 12 years and younger $25.00 ($100.00 initiation waived) only on Junior Membership.
  3. Family Membership voted out.
  4. Associate Membership $25.00, no voting wrights, no guest, live outside 100 mile area.

We have been invited to Consumes River College on October 26, 2013 from 1-4:00 p.m. for the Girl Scouts Renaissance Fair Showcase. This is display only and a great way to promote our club and hobby. If you are interested contact Rex William or Norman Poynter. We need your feed back by September 25, 2013.

We still have a problem with none members flying at our site. NO MASM / AMA CARD WITH 2013 STAMP, NO FLY!!! This has been brought to my attention too many times. If you are a member and see another flyer with no card, be polite and explain our rules. If the problem persist call Rancho Cordova Police 362-5115, press #1 and report the problem. Sacramento County has a request in to monitor their property. MONITOR YOUR OWN FIELD, YOU DON`T LET PEOPLE WALK IN YOUR HOMES DO YOU!!!

This may insult some but I just can't wrap my head around the lock problem:

You arrive at the field:

  1. open the lock;
  2. swing open the gate;
  3. re-lock the lock and fly.

You leave the field:

  1. open the lock;
  2. close the gate;
  3. re-lock the gate;
  4. and go home.

The other thing is locks are taken. If the first is a problem I will personally give gate and combination lock classes. If your a thief and locks are your thing I can't help you. THE CLUB HAS SPENT $300.00 ON LOCKS. THE PARKING LOT GRADING WAS $500.00 AND NOW WE HAVE A PRETTY FIGURE EIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. This was because some knuckle head didn't lock and remove the combination from the current lock. This is your R.C. Field and the money to keep it nice comes from you dues, stop throwing your money away monitor the field.


See you soon,

N. Poynter, MASM