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Home President's corner Letter from President March 26, 2014

Letter from President March 26, 2014

Hello To All !!!
       First I would like to thank all who sent e-mails, and left phone mess: in regards to my families health. Going back home reminded me why I came out here, cold! snow! traffic! all where bad. I`m warmed up now and ready to play!!
       There have been changes in how the AMA renews Club Charters and it took a little longer than usual, but we`re all legal, up and running for 2014. Sacramento County has new Risk Management Employee`s so all the I,s and T,s had to be crossed for renewal. With that being said, Safety needs to be a MAJOR concern to all members. Not just when flying, but monitoring who is at our field and their AMA Members Cards. All members are responsible!! Not Just the Clubs Safety Officer ( Jamie ) he may not be there or unaware of a problem. We are all Safety Officer`s !!
        Aprils event, Merwin Ranch Memorial Fly-In is drawing near, 4-5-6. We need club members to man post and make our guest welcome. Contact Keith Fick. We will have people coming from other clubs and out side the Sacramento area. Lets show them how the Mather Aero Space Modeler`s do and event, make them want to come back next year. ALL MEMBERS BE SURE TO WEAR OUR CLUB SHIRTS, CONTACT L. BONNER, V. P. IF YOU NEED ONE.   ALSO WE WILL HOLD ( APRILS CLUB MEETING ) AT THE FIELD.
        There have been some changes in this years Calendar of Events, so check your e-mails and monitor our web-site. There was a break-in on our neighbor to the north, the gentleman creates wood carving's and other items in his shop. He lost lots of tools so keep your eye`s open. Our site will continue to be a target for vandals and 4-wheelers. We are working on more telephone poles for the north end, Bob Pepper is doing his best to WOO! SMUD. We just need a few to slow down, if not stop the problem.
        I have heard members from both clubs, MASM and SVRW complain about dog training to our north. Remember this is County Property, not our property!  Don`t buzz them or challenge them. They have been made aware of issues when they are in the glide path of our runway and proximity to helicopters.
        With summer approaching trash will be a problem on the approach road, call me and I will contact the appropriate people to remove it. Speaking of trash, the site barrels are for general trash. NOT FOR AIRPLANE REMAINS !!! IF YOU BROUGHT IT TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU.
Jim Gerrow and the Old Fart`s week day group replace bags and remove trash. DON`T LET THEM BE THE ONLY ONES. Take a bag home, make it your contribution to the club. Keep Our Field Clean.
        That's all for now and lets keep flying, and supporting the hobby.
Sincerely, Norman Poynter MASM