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Home President's corner Letter from President January 31 2024

Letter from President January 31 2024

The MASM Christmas Party was a great success. On December 6, we had 27 people in attendance at the Old Spaghetti Factory. As is our tradition of late, it of course, was raining. However, the food was good and the atmosphere was friendly. For those that want to see some of what occurred, Richard Dao did a short video that can be seen on YouTube. Thank you, Richard, for putting this together, even as it caused you to disrupt you’re eating.

Noteworthy were two award plaques given for outstanding service to the club. The first went to Gary Sease for his many years of service as Club Secretary and Chief Historian. The second outstanding service award went to Arthur Harreden, who has been a very dedicated supporter of MASM in both time and money.

Scott Hale, VP MASM, put together a listing of prizes and photos of our raffle winners.

First Choice Prize (Member Only Tickets)

The First prize was one for which each MASM member got one free ticket. The winner of this prize was Dave Stewart - free membership renewal.
Dave Stewart

Now for the raffle prizes

2nd Prize: Leonard Walker got the Hyperion EOSO606i Battery charger.
Leonard Walker

3rd Prize: Leonard Walker got a Talon 90 Amp speed control.
Leonard Walker

4th Prize: Scott Hale got a Sig Pro Balancer.
Scott Hale

5th Prize: Chuck Davidson got a Nexus TB6AC charger
Chuck Davidson

6th Prize: Hank got a 10cc, .6 cu in engine.

7th Prize: Dave Stewart got a $75 RC Country gift card.
Dave Stewart

8th Prize: Art Harrenden got a $50 RC Country gift card.
Art Harrenden

9th Prize: Bob Pepper got a Sullivan engine starter.
Bob Pepper

10th Prize: Alonzo Pack got a $25 RC Country gift card.
Alonzo Pack

11th Prize: Dean Smith got a $25 RC Country gift card.
Dean Smith

12th Prize: Louise Harrenden got a $25 RC Country gift card.
Louise Harrenden

13th Prize: Alonzo Pack got a Sky Buggy kit
Alonzo Pack

14th Prize: Dominic Cecchetti got a Lectron Pro ACDC-10A battery charger.
Dominic Cecchetti

15th Prize: Chuck got a Spektrum S44 Smart Charger.

Thus ended a very enjoyable 2023 MASM Christmas Party.