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President's corner

Here are messages from MASM President.

Letter from President June 10, 2013

Hello To All!


Sorry its been a while, the President Message has been long past due. It's been very busy to say the least and the club has performed very well.

The Children's Clothes Fly-Inn went off without a hitch. We had 25 pilots, 28 planes, and more fun than you can count. The Elk Grove Clothes Locker was ecstatic with our donation of 60 pairs of socks, 22 packs of underwear and 20 packs of t-shirts. They where down to their last in that department. We received a very nice Thank You Letter from the Supervisor, also sent to County complimenting MASM.

The Girl Scout Aviation Day was a blast !!!! We had 267 Scouts participate, 41 parents, and 15 Woman in Aviation and guest who just showed up after hearing about the event. The girls provided breakfast and lunch plus plenty of drinks. We where so busy they almost had to serve us, none stop action. From the flight simulators through principles of flight and on to buddy box flying. It was MASM biggest event ever and it went off without a problem. Go on line and see all the smiling faces (club members) I think we had more fun than the girls. The finally was a spectacular air show put on by returning member David Long and James "Jamie The Dancing Yak Man" Mason. We now have lots of request from the Boy Scouts, who now want to do the same next year. Who knows maybe this year. Sunny Kenngott, (Northern California Leader) presented a letter of thanks praising the club and its members on the excellent presentation.

McClellan Air Museum static show was next and we had a great presentation. Lots of interest shown by kids, moms and dads. The event had a good turn out, 600 I think was the final count. I had a chance to talk with Thomas O. Sherman and Walter M. Suggs of The Tuskegee Airman's Association. We have been invited to participate in their Youth Aviation Academy, 5 group building rc models and flying them. We also had the honor of meeting and talking with Capt. J. L. Ponce, 99th Fighter Squadron combat pilot and a Group Leader in the 332nd Fighter Group, tours in North Africa and Sicily. ~ NOW YOU DON`T GET THAT ON A GOOD DAY~ Looking forward to working with them in the future.

MASM pilot Mathew Morell took 1st place in IMAC and 3rd in Free Style Competition over the Memorial Day weekend. **** KEEP IT UP YOUNG MAN****

Finally last nights meeting was a good one.

1. The gate is still a problem, do you leave your front door open?
2. The club funds are starting to get low, this is after all the field improvement.
3. Get ready for the first annual Merwin Ranch Fly-Inn, host Dave Sullivan and Keith Fick.
4. Runway will be extended 75 to100ft. on South end. Motion made, Second made, All members voted (yes) starts asap.
5. Rex Williams letter on lack of members participation. Read the web-site people.
6. Dues increase to $100.00 next year and hold, we still have the lowest of the clubs in area. No County permit fee, largest area to fly. Will vote on later in year.
7. Work party to log off North end road by helipads, cars entering our field and donuts on runway. County still voting on how to handle problem, this is temporary until they have a plan. KEEP EYES OPEN FOR WORK PARTY THIS COMING WEEK.

$$$. This meeting something special happened, with club funds in question (a little low) several members committed to cash donations.

William "Bill" Fitzgerald
Keith Fick $200.00
Robert "Dr." Pepper $200 to 500.00
James "Jamie" Mason $200.00
Norman Poynter $100.00

Even inspired me, and I`m tight! My hats off to those members. This has never happened, but members will do what it takes to make our site better and continue the tradition of RC modeling at Gene Hughes Field on Mather Park.

All in all this was a very productive meeting, we still have 90 or so members with only a small number attending the meetings, this tells me the rest are happy with the direction the club is going.


See you at the field or a meeting

Norman Poynter, MASM


Letter from Matthew Morell to MASM members

To all Mather Aerospace Modelers,

I`m sorry I could not attend this month`s meeting; we are traveling to Bakersfield for an IMAC competition. I would like to thank the Mather Aerospace Modelers for sponsoring entrance fees for two IMAC events. Thank you for your financial support, words of encouragement, and sharing the passion of flying.

I am proud to be a part of this organization and will do my best to represent it.

Thank You,
Matthew Morell


Letter from President November 14, 2012

Hello MASM,  

Well flyers the year is coming to a close, and it`s been one to remember!  

Lets start with our field, its looking great !!!! If we keep up the trash collections on the 1st Saturday and 1st Tuesday everything else will fall in place.

Vandalism continues to be a problem, the fantastic shade covers will be replaced with metal ones, as well as the spectator area. The logs placed on the road south of our site will be anchored down. And new locks will be welded on to the gate, this is due to the lock theft problem in our clubs, "fixed wing and rotary wing".

The last meeting we held elections, L. Bonner was elected to the V.P. position, welcome her, the Secretary position is still open. LETS NOT ALL STEEP UP AT ONE TIME.  Meeting attendance has tapered off, check the Christmas invitation and send in your suggestion to improve the turn out.

This weekend, November 17, 2012 is the Food Drive Fly- In. Bring out your planes and go for it! The food will be donated to Rancho Cordova Food Locker.

Also lets get those Christmas Dinner orders in, if you had fun last year, you and the lady will really enjoy this year.

Don`t forget about the Toys For Tots, Rex Williams is looking for a better turn out this year, lets not let him down!  

I personally want to thank all the members who have come through and rolled up their sleeves to make our site what it is. That type of participation makes it a pleasure to hold the position of President.  


Thank You All, Norman Poynter

President M.A.S.M

Letter from President October 18, 2012

MASM President message

Well gentlemen another month or two has gone by and the flying has been great. I must apologize to you all for not passing on the word from the monthly meeting, grade school home work is a b----.

I first want to remind all the Members Family Barbecue is around the corner, October 27, 2012. Ms. Bonner has been working hard to get the word out and make the a success, call and R.S.V.P. so we have and accurate head count, also get your favorite dish ready ( pot luck ) to add to the menu.

The next meeting we are having officer elections, L. Bonner is running for Vice President and Rex Williams is up for the Secretary position. Matt Orr has let the club know his job has picked up and his time is very limited so he will step down.

I would like to take this time to thank Matt for all the work and time he put into the position, keeping minutes, sending out membership cards and all the paper work is no small task. He will be mist! Give him a shout and show your appreciation, he deserves that from all the members, THANKS  MATT !!! AND TAKE THE PHONE OUT OF YOUR POCKET.

We also voted to send out sticker to place on your A.M.A. Card, this will replace your membership card and show your a member in good standing.

The problems with dumping still persist at the field, we placed logs to curb the road at the County`s request, this may or may not help.  We also voted to increase site and road clean up to the 1st Saturday of each month and the 1st Tuesday of the same for the Old Farts. We are currently looking at the idea of a yearly dues reduction if you attend so many clean ups, hows that sound to you guys?

With the holidays approaching keep your eyes open for the Second Annual "Thanksgiving Food Fly-Inn" this November, donations going to Rancho Cordova Food Locker, date will be posted soon and C.D. by yours truly.

December 7, 2012 we have the Annual Dinner at Vince`s with a change in menu: Prime Rib $22.95, we need at least 12 orders, Prawns $20.95, Lasagna $19.90, and Chicken $18.95, factor in tax and tip.

Also in December the Toys For Tots Drive, hosted by Rex Williams is on the books, Rex has been doing this for a while and always appreciates your support.  

BE AT THE NEXT MEETING TO VOTE, ALSO ITS NOT TOO LATE IF YOU WANT TO NOMINATE SOME ONE FOR A POSITION OR THROW YOUR OWN HAT IN.  The club is moving forward TOGETHER we can keep the tradition of r.c. flying at Gene Hughes alive for future members. Thanks for all your support the past two years.


Norman Poynter,

President M.A.S.M


Letter from President August 13, 2012


Well another month has gone by and the flying is still on, that`s if you can stand the HEAT!!!!

Turn out at the meeting was small but that may be due to last minute change.  We have a good agreement with Sam`s and can`t afford to loose the room, so show some support and buy something.  

We voted to change our membership cards. The new ones will only be a sticker attached to your A.M.A. card, less paper work and turn around time.  

The County has completed the fence and boulder project. They would like our assistance in lining the road ( one side only ) with telephones poles down to the creek as a further deterrent to dumpers.

We also will complete the north end shade structure. We need as many members as possible to make quick work of this project. Target dates are 8-25,26-12 or 9-1,2-12.  The Capitol Air Sow is the last date and we can`t fly that weekend. Send your name or comments to me on this project.  

In September I would like to host a Children`s Sock/Under Ware Fly In at our field, watch for dates on our web-site.  

October is open for a Club members and family barbecue, throw your name in the pot and lets stir it up.    

Also Board Member elections are on the horizon, talk it up if you wan`t to run for a position or make changes.


See you at the field!  



Letter from President July 31, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Well another month down and the flying season moves on.

We have survived another bullet, The Great Gate Escape, the County and D.O.T. will still continue meeting over the dumping problem and we will continue to help in any way we can. So if you see violators, get a tag, vehicle descriptions and report them.

Big THANKS to Corey Turner and Louise Bonner for heading up the Open House, the members who where there can tell you this was a very special one. All the children where hearing impaired! This made things even more fun for us and them. After a while we all where on the same page, all the children flew and loved every minute. Less Gillett hung until the last kid had gone through twice, I think he now knows sign language. They all enjoyed Real Flight on lap top, thanks Ed. Jim Gerow got us all reved up on donuts and spicyyyyy meatballs. The food was fantastic, Louise is the grill master` dogs and burgers had all the children smiling from ear to ear.

We still have lots of good flying weather left, keep your calenders open for The Children's Sock/Under Ware Fly-In dates to follow in September, also October is open and this would be a great time for members and family to barbecue. Think about it.





Letter from President July 15, 2012


Well we are in to the second half of the year and things are moving right along. The last two meetings have accomplished a lot, the lottery has been nice and the temp was not bad either.

First we voted to place 5 gallon water buckets out in the grass area to combat the recent fire problem, this has been done.   Thanks to Bill Kaiser and Verne Mason who headed up this project and accomplished it swiftly.   Also Ed Sutter reminded the members we voted at a previous meeting to all carry small fire extinguishers with us, $10.00 bucks at Wal-Mart is cheap insurance and it will show the County we are safety conscious.  

Second the Open House is under way, JULY 21, 2012  9:a.m. til 2:p.m.. Corey Turner and Louise Bonner are Co-C.D. on this event. After talking and reading their e-mails this promises to be one fantastic event. Show them your support and give them what they need to showcase our club. See the message from Louise Bonner who is asking for your help.

The dumping continues to be a problem as some of you noticed, I made calls to D.O.T and The County last week and the trash is gone, so clean up will be minimal before Open House.

The First Saturday Swap Meet has not caught on as we hoped, Jim Gerow has given it his all and ready to call it a day. Thanks for the effort, coffee, and donuts Jim.

In September I would like to C.D. and ALL CLUB`S FLY-IN, landing fee will be a package of children`s sock or under ware $5.00 at your favorite discount store. Proceeds donated to closest children`s clothes closet in our name.

October is wide open for some type of event, club barbecue, chilli contest you name it we will have it.

Last November we hosted the THANKSGIVING FOOD FLY-IN, landing fee was four cans of food and the turn out was great. Elk Grove Food Bank was extremely thankful, so lets try it again.  

Well that's all for now. Keep the wings up and the wheels down, see you at the field.  


Thank You,

Norman Poynter



Letter from President July 10, 2012


Corey Turner and Louise Bonner have steeped up to the plate to C.D.  OPEN HOUSE JULY 21, 2012  FROM 9 A.M. till 5 P.M. They will need the support of all members who participated last year and the year before:
- laptops
- flight instructors
- buddy boxes
- generators
- coffee and donuts
- shade structures
- the works!!!

Both are new member and this is their first event, lets not let them down or make a poor showing, he`s contacted all the media in our area and advertised via the Internet.

For contact information for C, Turner and L. Bonner see MASM Roster 2012



Thank you,

Norman Poynter


Letter from President June 22 2012

Well Gentlemen,  And I use the term loosely!!!!.

There`s been a change of plans with the fence on the South end.  At this point we are cut off with partial fence completion.  On 7-21-2012 I was informed that it will (or may) be moved to another location. Keep your fingers crossed but until you see the opening, plan on four wheeling it from the North. So lets be patient and hope for the best.    

On another note Open House is right around the corner. Last year it was July 9th. With the fence up in the air, lets look at our schedules and firm things up at next meeting.  We will still need all the great stuff we had last year. Now for the million dollar question!!!!!  Is there volunteers to run the event? Step up, go for it and make it happen.

On a personnel note, I am not the only one who smokes, lets not offend those who don't by leaving butts all over the pits. You don't do this at home! Non smokers!!!  If you see this, speak up!!!  It`s the rules!!! And from the looks of things some need a reminder.  

July meeting

We are going to have the meeting at the field again, also the Barbecue will be fired up. So bring a side dish to add to the plate, and we will have another fantastic!!!! raffle!!!!

See you at the field,



Letter from President June 9 2012

Hello everyone,

Well the first meeting at our new and improved site went well, It was great to see all who showed and enjoy a bite to eat. Thanks to all who showed others some love and brought a dish.

We discussed the turn out at the Castle Mini Fest, several M.A.S.M members had a wonderful time there, I think they will be back.

Dave Sullivan and Keith Fick did very well at the Sam Clubs " Children`s Cancer Charity Race ". Also S.A.M.s  wanted to extend a big THANK YOU for our donation.

The raffle was good, lots of prizes for all. 

Now there was a small fire at the field, couple of acres. With the introduction of electrics in the past few years, fires have become a large problem that the A.M.A. is dealing with. Make sure your equipment is compatible and installed properly. We will have a 5 gallon bucket and ladle per flight station for fire protection, in the event of fire do what you can but first CALL FIRE DEPT. 911

The County and D.O.T. have had enough of illegal  dumping and vandals.  I was told that the South entrance, Eagles Nest Rd. and Keifer Blvd. will be closed permanently with new barricades. Our site is still safe we will enter from the North side (golf course).The time line I was given. 6-15-2012 so be aware!!!!!!

On a final note, we have more aircraft crossing our site, ( be aware) more than in past years. 



See you at the field!!!

Norman Poynter


Letter from President May 29 2012

Hello everyone,

First Friday June 1, 2012 MEETING AT GENE HUGHES FIELD.

This has been another exciting month. The McClellan show went very well, hats off to Rex Williams and all members who participated. The people there showed lots of interest and children, some parents too tried out Real Flight Sim.

To those of you who hadn't heard we had another grass fire, not as large as the previous one. Members stomped and the Fire Dept. was called to save the day. We are still o.k. though, I informed the County and the Fire Dept., Well another " training burn ". Let try to keep their training down to a minimum the remainder of the year. We will discuss this issue at the meeting.

I was made aware of a BIG CHANGE that will effect our site. Dito of Sac. County and Munouz of D.O.T. have put this in motion.

Castle "Mini" Fest was fantastic, We had a very good showing from Mather with a few first timers.

The meeting this Friday will be (pot luck) so bring your favorite dish!!!!!! Don`t just show up to stuff your face, show your fellow members some love. We will have dogs and burgers for the Q. It will be hot so hydrate up and bring something to drink. We will have sodas. And a raffle, yes I said it a RRAAFFFFLLEE! So, come one !!! come all !!!!  


Thanks Norman


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