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Here are messages from MASM President.

Letter from President May 17 2012

MASM President

Hello all MASM Members,  

The year is moving along quite fast, we have accomplished a lot with our site and at the meetings.  I would like to take this time to thank all the members who have come forth and put in back breaking labor at the field. IT LOOKS GREAT!!!! Maybe this will inspire other members who never make meetings and  only show up to fly.

The Girl Scout event at Cal Expo went well, the final head count was 86,000 people. We had people who showed interest and tried the simulators. Thanks to all who came and represented the club.

This weekend Saturday May 19, 2012 we are at Mc Cullen Air Museum for Arm Fores Day, still time to volunteer, contact Rex Williams.

The problems with the road and dumping continues, Mr. Munoz and DOT will work with us to find a solution. Also we have attracted the attention of a tagger called the Evil One who paints the gate and road signs. Remember if you can get a vehicle tag number and make the county will prosecute no questions asked.

We still have members who leave the gate open with the code on the lock, I`ve received 6 e-mails and several phone calls on this matter, only takes one time and all can be vandalized.

The problem with fuel and gas on the tables still exist, we had a visitor from the County out this week who left with a nice fuel stain on his new jacket, the signs are there for a reason.

We have attracted several new flyer's who want to join the club, so keep talking it up when people ask.

Finally the next meeting will be at the field June 1, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. We will have a raffle and fire up the barbecue bring your favorite dish this will be pot luck.

See you there!!!!!



Letter from President April 17 2012

MASM President

So far so good,

We had a very productive meeting this month; attendance is up and hopefully will increase.

Hank’s Treasury Report was impeccable as always, with all the money spent on upgrades we are still looking great.

Rex is still working on the caps and should have something soon.

The upcoming event at Cal Expo (Girl Scout 100th Anniversary) is next, good to see we had members who stepped up. This will be a great chance to expose M.A.S.M. to the Sacramento community in a large venue. We will keep all volunteers advised. Contact Rex Williams or Norman Poynter if you can help.

The work party Saturday was a thing of beauty. There was at least 20 members all working in unison. Ages from 9 to 79 and possibly older. The truck transfer was operated with precision, wheel barrows moved with the speed of Indy Cars, and the rake and shovel crew (all 70 and up) never broke a sweat. Even the S.V.R.W. members came out to help and improve their pit area and helped with ours. You will also notice the telephone pole was removed from the parking area. Finally the N. and S. shade structures are being erected in preparation for HOT summer to come.

We will be working with the S.A.M. club on a charity race (children's cancer) May 5-6, 2012. Come out and show your support!!! Also cheer for M.A.S.M. sponsored racer Dave Sullivan in the Gold Heat.

IMAA Chapter 679 will be hosting the West Coast "MINI-FEST" at Castle Airport, May 24-27, 2012 hope to see our members there. Great chance to see some models, excellent flying and meet other modelers.


See you at the field!!!



Letter from President March 19 2012

MASM PresidentWell gentlemen the flying season is well up and running.  We have had three meetings, although attendance is down, they have been positive.  We will send out monthly reminders in the future to all members in and effort to bring the monthly numbers up. 

Also the monthly minutes will be posted on our website for those who are unable to attend. This should encourage feed back via e-mail or comments at the next meeting.

The field is almost complete, all the lofty goal have been accomplished, not bad for a club who was flying on a day to day philosophy. The shade structures are the final project, when time comes step up and be a part of the last and final project.

We have a number of events scheduled for the year (check the web site) but we need more! Those of you with and idea should throw it out there, you never know! great minds think alike.

I`ve been approached about starting up the monthly raffle again. With the improvements on the site money is a concern "maybe a small one".

We have only had one incident of vandalism, the barbecue/trash fire. This should be a reminder to all  LOCK THE GATE WHEN YOU LEAVE.

The County and Department of Transportation have given their O.K. to approach Code Enforcement with the street light and camera idea. I spoke with them, they do have cameras and I was reminded of the cost to them, $4,000 each. Keep your fingers crossed!!!! Until then Mr. Paul Munoz will be our contact 916 874-8742. He assures me any vehicle tag number we get will result in a healthy fine for violator and Waste Managements quick response to clean up the mess.

REMINDER!!! The Girl Scott 100th Year Anniversary at Cal Expo is near, We need members to volunteer time, planes and simulator's. This is major exposure for M.A.S.M., thousands of people, potential new members. Events of this nature can help secure the clubs position.

As President I would like to take time to thank all the Club Officers for their time and efforts, also members who have stepped up and made improvements and continue to keep Gene Hughes Field a premier flying site.  

Thank You,  

Norman Poynter


2012 events and calender

January 22, 2012

Well the new year started out  with a BANG!!!!!, New Years day went extremely well. Thanks to everyone who contributed  food, drinks, condiments all the things that made it a wonderful opening day.

This year we will start a club swap meet, the first Saturday each month, hosted by Jim Gerow. Give him a hand, bring out your items, lets have fun.

This April we have been asked to display our planes at Cal Expo. This is the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts of America. Rex Williams and Norman Poynter will C.D. this event. We need volunteers, planes,and lap tops. RC Country will donate kits and display items. This is a great opportunity for MASM to be on display at such a large venue. 

May, we are on display again at MC Cullen Air Museum. Those of you who attended last year know how much fun we had,Rex Williams will C.D. this event (he needs volunteers). With the remodeling of our site. 

We as one of the largest R.C. clubs in the Sacramento area should lead the way with one  event a month. I will contact the surrounding clubs with and open invitation for May, June,August and September (dates discussed at February meeting) to come and enjoy our site. This will require members to step up and C.D. and event "give it a go".

The monthly meetings will continue at Sam's Hof Brau. More members are ordering food before and after the meetings.

There are still three constructions projects coming to our field,

  1. shade structures on N. and S. ends of pits
  2. safety fence( pits and spectator area)
  3. table covering.

The county has given it's O.K. to remove the pole and wires from parking lot. Give S.M.U.D. room when they come out.

Clean up continues to be a problem on both entry roads. If you see anything please move it to the corner of Eagles Nest and Keifer Rd. Waste Management will remove it.

We need to establish four dedicated field maint. and clean-up days during the year. This assures we comply with the terms of our lease with the County and looks good to new owners.

Remember to renew your club membership by next meeting.   


Norman Poynter


Message from your president, Decemberr 2011

December 19. 2011


All M.A.S.M. members the past year has been exciting to say the least.  From loosing site, looking for a new one, changing meeting location, field closures and all the upgrades to the field.

WOW!!!! you guys must really like this hobby. This club is a great one, The Open House, Mc Cullen Museum display, Thanksgiving Food Drive and Toys For Tots all showed we have the drive to promote the hobby.

The coming year I challenge all of you to come up with suggestions for new event that not just involve modlers, we need to increase our membership. Young flyer's are the wave of the future and we need to tap that well. I will push hard to advertise all 2012 events and get (press).

The first meeting of the year will be held at the Field (NEW YEAR'S DAY 12:00 P.M.) So bring your Christmas present out and show off. Let start the year with a bang! So bring your special chili, desert,or snack and this will be the start of a fantastic flying season.   

Norman Poynter,

"Thanks for all your support"


Message from your president, November 2011

November 8. 2011

To All Members:

The November meeting went well, Ellis Hall remains the Vice Pres. Matt Orr with the help of Rex Williams will still be Secretary.

The shade structure was painted and looks great. The road to our site was graded up to the second gate, no more bomb craters! The first of next week the runway and pit area will be coated and re-striped. We still need a work party to anchor parking lot poles (back-up) for vehicles, The 6 vertical poles on the north end need to be removed. Sac Rotary will be painting this weeked the remainder of our perimeter fencing. If the weather hold up, Keith Fick will deliver rock for parking lot.

The Christmas party is December 1, Doors open at 6:pm, dinner at 7:pm. A mailer has been sent out with menue and price. Send them back with your choices (ASAP).

We still are having the Thanksgiving Fly-In on the 26th, bring 4 can of food, no dent please, They will go to Sacramento Food Bank.

The Christmas Toys for Tots will be held on Dec. 3, 2011 from 9a.m. until 2p.m. (1 boy and 1 girl toy) unwrapped please. Contact Rex Williams if you would like to help.

I have contacted the Sacramento Bee and Channel 40 and 10 to attmpt to get coverage for the club and our events, this can stimulate new intrest and (new members).

This has been a good year for the club with lots of changes. Next year will be better and we will continue to move forward and make our club stand out from the rest.


Norm Poynter.


Message from your president, October 2011

October 11. 2011

To All Members:

October’s meeting was a very thrilling event. Several things of importance took place.

First we will be electing new officers at the November meeting. The open positions are for vice president and secretary. Ellis Hall and Bill Fitzgerald are running for the vice president position. The secretary position is open for volunteers. There was a unanimous decision by all members present, that the remaining officers would stay in place.

The search for a new field continues to be a challenge. In my travels and conversations with land owners, I have been cursed out, told to not come back, don’t call and no thank you! The only promising response at this time, is from Elliott Homes Corporate Office. There has been conversation with Steven Himington regarding a flying site. Keep your fingers crossed.


Message from your president, April 2011

Fellow Modelers:
We are now four months into the flying season and we've had some ups and a few downs.
First of all, the meetings are coming along very nicely but the attendance is still extremely low.  I was hoping that reinstating the raffle would change this and increase the numbers, but it really hasn't.  I personally challenge everybody to call a fellow club member and encourage them to attend the meetings.

April Cub Meeting

The club meeting will be held on Thursday, April 1, at University of Phoenix located just off RT 50 at Zinfandel.  The meeting will start at 7:00 in room 120.


January Meeting invitation

The 1st meeting of the year will be held this Thursday, January 7, at University of Phoenix adjacent to the intersection of Route 50 and Zinfandel. The meeting will start at 7:00 in room 120.


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