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Home President's corner Message from your president, April 2011

Message from your president, April 2011

Fellow Modelers:
We are now four months into the flying season and we've had some ups and a few downs.
First of all, the meetings are coming along very nicely but the attendance is still extremely low.  I was hoping that reinstating the raffle would change this and increase the numbers, but it really hasn't.  I personally challenge everybody to call a fellow club member and encourage them to attend the meetings.
As most of you have probably heard by now, due to our lack of enthusiasm in voting for a new meeting location, we are now in jeopardy of having no meeting location at all.  The next several meetings will be held at the field.  I along with most of you, would enjoy an indoor location that offers food, beverages, air conditioning as well as a location that would be permanent for future club meetings.  So rather than being reactive (as we were in the past), let's be proactive with this problem and find a permanent location that offers not only us, but our families and future members a place we can be proud of.
Those of you who have been to the field lately will notice that we have started improvements.  All areas have been sprayed to kill off the vegetation and on April 30th we are looking to put together a work party to cut weeds and possibly paint our shade structure.  Future improvements include adding crushed rock to our entry ways and repairing the large fissures in our runway.
On the website you will notice that Rex Williams has stepped up to do his mall show this year at the McClelland Air Museum.  This will give us a lot of exposure to the public that we have been lacking when it comes to promoting our hobby.  So don't wait until the last minute, call Rex up now and let him know if you have a model that you would like to have placed on display and ask him if he needs help with anything.
On a different note, we have been asked to display and fly electric models at Gibson Ranch this summer by Doug Ose.  If you are not aware, Gibson Ranch has been closed for a number of years.  This will also offer us exposure to the public and will also increase our exposure to the county board that manages our flying site.