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Home President's corner Letter from President June 10, 2013

Letter from President June 10, 2013

Hello To All!


Sorry its been a while, the President Message has been long past due. It's been very busy to say the least and the club has performed very well.

The Children's Clothes Fly-Inn went off without a hitch. We had 25 pilots, 28 planes, and more fun than you can count. The Elk Grove Clothes Locker was ecstatic with our donation of 60 pairs of socks, 22 packs of underwear and 20 packs of t-shirts. They where down to their last in that department. We received a very nice Thank You Letter from the Supervisor, also sent to County complimenting MASM.

The Girl Scout Aviation Day was a blast !!!! We had 267 Scouts participate, 41 parents, and 15 Woman in Aviation and guest who just showed up after hearing about the event. The girls provided breakfast and lunch plus plenty of drinks. We where so busy they almost had to serve us, none stop action. From the flight simulators through principles of flight and on to buddy box flying. It was MASM biggest event ever and it went off without a problem. Go on line and see all the smiling faces (club members) I think we had more fun than the girls. The finally was a spectacular air show put on by returning member David Long and James "Jamie The Dancing Yak Man" Mason. We now have lots of request from the Boy Scouts, who now want to do the same next year. Who knows maybe this year. Sunny Kenngott, (Northern California Leader) presented a letter of thanks praising the club and its members on the excellent presentation.

McClellan Air Museum static show was next and we had a great presentation. Lots of interest shown by kids, moms and dads. The event had a good turn out, 600 I think was the final count. I had a chance to talk with Thomas O. Sherman and Walter M. Suggs of The Tuskegee Airman's Association. We have been invited to participate in their Youth Aviation Academy, 5 group building rc models and flying them. We also had the honor of meeting and talking with Capt. J. L. Ponce, 99th Fighter Squadron combat pilot and a Group Leader in the 332nd Fighter Group, tours in North Africa and Sicily. ~ NOW YOU DON`T GET THAT ON A GOOD DAY~ Looking forward to working with them in the future.

MASM pilot Mathew Morell took 1st place in IMAC and 3rd in Free Style Competition over the Memorial Day weekend. **** KEEP IT UP YOUNG MAN****

Finally last nights meeting was a good one.

1. The gate is still a problem, do you leave your front door open?
2. The club funds are starting to get low, this is after all the field improvement.
3. Get ready for the first annual Merwin Ranch Fly-Inn, host Dave Sullivan and Keith Fick.
4. Runway will be extended 75 to100ft. on South end. Motion made, Second made, All members voted (yes) starts asap.
5. Rex Williams letter on lack of members participation. Read the web-site people.
6. Dues increase to $100.00 next year and hold, we still have the lowest of the clubs in area. No County permit fee, largest area to fly. Will vote on later in year.
7. Work party to log off North end road by helipads, cars entering our field and donuts on runway. County still voting on how to handle problem, this is temporary until they have a plan. KEEP EYES OPEN FOR WORK PARTY THIS COMING WEEK.

$$$. This meeting something special happened, with club funds in question (a little low) several members committed to cash donations.

William "Bill" Fitzgerald
Keith Fick $200.00
Robert "Dr." Pepper $200 to 500.00
James "Jamie" Mason $200.00
Norman Poynter $100.00

Even inspired me, and I`m tight! My hats off to those members. This has never happened, but members will do what it takes to make our site better and continue the tradition of RC modeling at Gene Hughes Field on Mather Park.

All in all this was a very productive meeting, we still have 90 or so members with only a small number attending the meetings, this tells me the rest are happy with the direction the club is going.


See you at the field or a meeting

Norman Poynter, MASM